You have different options to search on Rightsdesk:

1) By extended search

  • To find the work you are looking for search by agent, title, author or publisher.

2) Filter by work

  • Here you will find all agents or right directors in teams, all authors by name, themas and publishers

3) Filter by right

  • The search criterias are:
    Status of right: Restricted ( This work cannot be seen on the public homepage.)
    Public ( The title is visible for everyone on the Public Homepage.)
    Sold ( Here you will find all rights, that have been sold. Check if your translation right is still available.)
    Languages: Please choose the language of the rights you are interested in.
    Territories: Am I allowed to sell my translation right troughout the world or are the territories restricted?
    Type: This shows the different sorts of rights, wether there are all rights included ( All ) or e.g. just the audio format.
    Vendor:  Here are all teams classified by the number of rights they are promoting.
    Contact/Agent: Find the agents or rights directors scaled by the number of rights they are offering.