Copyright & Intellectual property

Rightsdesk offers as a Service a marketplace and aims to provide its Service to the international publishing community. Subscribing vendors can use Rightsdesk to store, process, display and submit information about copyrighted material entrusted to the vendors by the owners of the intellectual property.

While Rightsdesk is not responsible for the the digital content, the information or the files stored, processed, distributed and displayed on its website by its subscribing vendors we are keenly aware of the importance of intellectual property and copyright protection to the publishing industry which we serve.

We are comitted to respecting and maintaining the rights of our subscribing users and the rights of others that may be involved by the use of our Service.

In the event that Rightsdesk finds or is notified of unlawful content or content on its website that infringes ownership of intellectual property or copyright we will follow the procedures described in these Guidelines.


Reporting, Take-Down

Any person or organization can make a correct and complete report about unlawful content or information being distributed via Rightsdesk by its subscribers.

Rightsdesk will verify whether the report is plausible and resonable, then inform the provider of the contents, files or information that have been reported.

If the reporting person/organization and the content provider are unable to reach an agreement, Rightsdesk, if in doubt, reserves the right to block and to take down the content on its website. In the event that content is removed, Rightsdesk will exercise due caution to ensure that no more than the necessary content, in regards of the report, is removed.