Roles for Clients, Subagents and Editors

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This page explains roles assigned between a primary agency, their subagent and local acquisition editor


Primary Agent

  • stores a title with its metadata, blurbs and documents on the platform,
  • adds language rights to the title, then
  • delegates a language right to a co-agent for that territory, and
  • updates title-related data

Subagent / Co-Agent

  • receives the language right for a title from the client,
  • adds a lead for the right to a domestic acquisition editor for submission,
  • gets notified of any title-related updates, new materials, and comments

Local publisher

  • makes a submission request for the right to the co-agent
  • receives the submission from the co-agent,
  • downloads the manuscript
  • gets notified of any title-related updates,
  • communicates decision to the co-agent


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