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Quickstart for Vendors

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Quickstart for Vendors

This is a step-by-step guide to adding a first book to our catalog, inviting an editor to join your list of contacts, making a first submission and following up with sample materials. 
There is a lot more to Rightsdesk. Please, consult our guide for further information or be in touch with us about integrating Rightsdesk into your website and bulk-uploading large inventories from your local database.


  • In the registration form, enter your email address and relevant data. We will send you an email to confirm the address.
  • Check your emails for our message, confirm and follow the link to our welcome page.
  • Set up your profile on our welcome page:
    • specify the translation languages you are selling into, i.e. the target language. Select all languages” or compile a relevant selection. This can be changed any time in your profile.
    • (optional) specify your fields of interest (only main categories, e.g. Fiction” instead of crime and mystery”)
    • Give your team a name, e.g. foreignrights@yourcompany”. (All vendors of translation rights are required to create a team, even if you work solo). You can subscribe for additional teams later (e.g. fiction@yourcompany”, nonfiction@yourcompany”).
  • You are now subscribed for a free trial period of 30 days. Thank you. To upgrade your subscription and create additional teams, select manage teams” in your profile settings. 

Creating the first title

On your dashboard under Sell!” select Create a title”
  • Add your first title by entering all relevant informations into the form:
    • Book title
    • Add the author’s name and the book’s origiginal publisher to the directory
    • Select a thema, add tags
    • Select Channels to make your book visible (e.g. Rightsdesk Market, Rightsdesk Public Website)
    • confirm the team and the name of the agent who owns this title.
    • Add Attachments: sample reading materials (drag and drop)
    • Add cover file: chose from your disc or drag and drop over place holder

Adding available translation rights to a title

Select your first title and click edit” to
  • Add rights: for each right, make sure to check the language (e.g. German”), the territory (e.g. World”), the type (e.g.”print” or all”) and the sales agent. Select a right and click edit” to update standard values.

Finding a contact, starting a conversation

In order to make a submission, you need to add contacts from our network to your personal list of contacts.
  • Under Network”, find an acquisition editor to whom you want submit a translation right. Use filters for editors’ fields of interest, their language markets or company names. Or search for someone specific.
  • Select a contact in network and send a message to introduce yourself. We will notify your contact and send out an email to make sure they will check their inboxes.
  • Once your contact has accepted your contact request, we will notify you.
  • You can now start a conversation with this contact.

Making a submission

To make a submission, create a lead for a translation right by opening the form Add lead”
  • To open the form Add lead”, use the dashboard and chose Make a submission” or select the book from My titles”, then chose Add lead”. 
  • Once the form Add lead” opens, enter the following information
    • Work (titel and author)
    • Right (language/territory/type)
    • Contact: Select your contact’s name
    • Status: select Submission”
    • Ends: specify the date on which the submission period shall end
    • Notify contact: check to notify the editor with a personal message (if unchecked, we will notify the editor of a new submission)
  • The editor will be notified of your submission and find your message (or our notification).

Let us follow up for you

Stay in touch with your contacts or let us update your leads on any changes. We will alert editors whenever you
  • attache new sample materials to a title
  • add new comments for a title, e.g. reviews, awards, blurbs and quotes
  • update the expiration date of your submission
  • change and editor’s submission status for a title (be careful, you have the power to update any of your submissions and to overrule editor’s chosen status of submission)

When leads turn into sales

Once an editor has considered your submission and wants to get in touch, we will notify you of their decision. Check your inbox and notifications for updates to
  • receive submission requests, rejections or to
  • receive offers
Rightsdesk makes the contacts. The transactions will be yours.
Happy selling!
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