The Watchlist   Go to “Catalog” and choose a title. Top right you see a star, activate the star to add this title to your watchlist. A watchlist enables you to fag titles for later.

Connection request

Receiving a contact request If you accept this request, your new contact is allowed to send you messages and you can work with this person on Rightsdesk, e.g. share reading material, etc.  If you do not want to be connected to this person, just select “reject” instead of “accept”.

Buyer’s team dashboard

Editors Team Dashboard Buttons show you the most important activities you can do on Rightsdesk. The shown titles refer to your themas and may interest you.  You see all forms of submissions and messages of your team. Choose a sort of submission and press “Show all”, select a team member to show hers or his … Continued

Personal buyer’s dashboard

My Dashboard On your personal dashboard you find buttons with the most important activities you can do on Rightsdesk. The presented titles refer to your themas you are looking for. You can see your submissions and your messages. 


The buzzranking The buzzranking is created by the system. The most demanded titles are on top. Editors can check, if their rights are still available. 

Recently added titles

Recently added titles This list shows the newest titles added on Rightsdesk You see all titles added in the last 4 weeks. Editors have a look to check if their rights are still available.


The hotlist for editors The hotlist is created by our vendors. They are often used for book fairs or other trade shows to present the most important titles.

Featured titles

Featured Titles Vendors add their highlights to this list. The number of titles is restricted. Editors have an overview of the most important works handpicked by the vendors.

Extended search

Extended search This filter enables editors to refine their search for translation rights. You can search for vendors, titles, authors and publishers you already know.


Filters Editors use the filters to find their wanted rights.  “My filters” refer to the entries in your profile.  You use the “Extended Search” when you already know the “Vendor”, the “Title”, the “Author” or the “Publisher”. “Filter by work”: The numbers apply to the amount of works.The search boxes include “Vendors”, “Original Language”, “Authors” … Continued