Bulk actions

Create, delegate or revoke multiple rights navigate to Sell>Manage rights: any selection clicke on triangle in Add Rights button to hopen dialogue

Profile Settings

This page explains how to set up a profile My Profile   Edit Profile to set persona information set language of my territory set standard thema categories set visibility to other users set alias email  Security settings to set password  System Settings to adjust notification interval  My teams to create teams (paid feature) edit team … Continued


This page explains the user network fo vendors, agents and subagents User Network registered users join the network the user network is accessible to all user users are encouraged to specify their fields of interest Contact Request users have to connect before they can interact with each other to connect with a user, send contact … Continued


This page explains the sellers dashboard for agents and subagents   Navigate to Dashboard navigate to seller’s dashboard and access core functions, widgets and short cuts   Widget widgets are panels that collect information on leads for a user expiring submissions pending requests active submissions pending offers sold rights new messages   Quick action buttons: … Continued


This page explains how primary agents update their subagents and local publishers¨   Don’t miss a beat one of the systems core features is to update all parties New documents for a title Rightsdesk notifies subagents and editors when the primary agent has added a document to a title New comments for a title Rightsdesk … Continued


This page explains messaging between primary agents and subagents Messages messages are stored in My inbox for greater clarity, every message refers to the right for a title Send a message to send a message, select a contact to write any message or select a lead, then write a specific message relating to that lead … Continued


This page explains leads, submissions and lead status for vendors, agents and subagents   A lead connects a right for a title to a buyer contact a work has many rights, for example French World/Audio, Finnish World/All a right can have any number of leads, e.g. French World/Audio for Alexandre Dupont@Editions Dupont   Lead status … Continued

Rights for Primary Agents and Subagents

This page explains my rights, delegated rights and received rights between primary agents and subagents   My Rights A primary agent owns all the rights added to a work. My rights are submitted directly by the agent. (Paid feature)   Received from client the subagent gains access to all rights which a primary agent delegates … Continued


Metadata the primary agent adds a title to the catalog, enters catalog copy, and the metadata Rights the primary agent adds language rights to a title, so they can be delegated to co-agents. Attachements the primary attaches documents to the title, so they can be shared with co-agents. Comments   the primary agent adds reviews, … Continued