Inviting an editor to consider your titles

How do I invite an editor to consider my titles? Go to network, use the filter to verify your search, choose a member, send a contact request. When the editor accepts your request, he has access to your rights and you can make a submission. Go to your dashboard, press the button “Make a submission”. 

Inviting someone into your contacts

How do I invite someone into my contacts? If the person is already a member on Rightsdesk, go to “Network” and select the person and send a request If the person is NOT a member on Rightsdesk, go to your dashboard, press the button “Invite a contact” As soon as the person has accepted your … Continued

My Contacts

How do I manage my contacts? Under “My contacts” you’ll see all members connected to you On the right you see different filters to search contacts or e.g. to accepts pending requests Select one of your contacts to see the message history or to wright a new message to this person To invite a new … Continued


How to use the Network Select one of the members to invite her or him to your contacts Use the filter on the left to verify your search You can merge contacts by using the filter on the right Use the full-text search at the top right box