Email settings

How to change my email settings! Go to “My profile” (last tab on the right), choose “Edit profile”, then “System settings” You can select how often you’d like to receive reportings: Never, Daily or Weekly. You can choose wether you’d like to get your notifications via email, too.

Regular Updates

Regular updates for Editors As soon as a new attachment or comment is added to a title you are following, you’ll receive a notification and an information in your reportings. To change your reporting status go to “Edit profile” and “System settings”.

Broadcasting Comments

Comments added by vendors Comments are visible for all visitors on Rightsdesk. To add a comment go to “Sell” – “My titles” – “Details” – scroll to the bottom and press “+Add comment”.


How to use my inbox! Click on the envelope top right. You can write new messages by choosing the button “New message” Use the filters on the left, choose a contact or a topic, to see all corresponding messages Choose a thread to see all corresponding messages 


My notifications Klick on the bell to see all your notifications You do not need your notifications by email? Go to “My profile”, “Edit profile”, “System settings” and disable the button “Send notifications by email”


Title Go to your dashboard and you’ll see all new messages Klick on the envelope to open your inbox. Here you can write new messages or select  a thread