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FAQ – Rightsdesk
What is Rightsdesk

We are passionate about translation rights in book publishing. We believe the world is a better place if people can read books from other cultures in translation.

Rightsdesk is an industry-oriented collaboration platform that simplifies the process and makes subsidiary rights more valuable, reduces the amount of emails, increase your turnaround and gives you more time to be spent on what everybody is best at: hand-selling the books we love.

Who is it for?

Rightsdesk enables you to connect with editors, agents and rights managers from all over the world on one platform to exchange all available information of translation rights, e.g manuscripts, reviews, bibliographic data, and lots more.

We do not provide any services for authors, translators, printers or booksellers.

Does it take an agency commission?

Rightsdesk provides the platform. We don't accept submissions, offers for representations or commissions. We are aiming at improving the traditional business of agenting, not at putting agencies out of business. We don't want to replace good old hand-selling, good Lord!

Why is it not for authors?

Agents are the ones that handle translation rights on behalf of the author. If you are an author, please contact your agent to join Rightsdesk and to get access to the world of publishing.


How does Rightsdesk make money?

Rightsdesk is based on a monthly or annual subscription fee, paid by agents and publishers. Editors can use Righstdesk for free to search translation rights for their language. We take no commissions!

How old is Rightsdesk?

Rightsdesk grew out of a conversation between a literary agent and a software developer in 2014. Since then we develop and improve the social platform for the rights community.

Who is behind Rightsdesk?

Rightsdesk was founded by Sebastian Ritscher and Michael Schreckenberg. Sebastian runs a major literary agency that specializes in selling German translation rights for US and UK agencies and publishers. Michael is a software developer, specialized in creating collaboration platforms.

Where is Rightsdesk based?

Rightdesk is based in Switzerland.

Why do I need to start a team?

Only with a team you can add works and rights on Rightsdesk. Agents or Rights Managers use their team to share contacts and leads with colleagues. The collaboration between editors in the same company to share submission material, title information and what is in progress is only possible within a team. 

How can I request a book from the catalog?

You're interested in publishing a book from our catalog? First time visitor? Welcome to Rightsdesk!

Please, follow these steps:

  1. Register with us. We will send you an email to make sure you're real.
  2. Select a book and chose the language of your own market, then
  3. send a contact request to the agent or publisher to obtain access to Rightsdesk.
  4. Once the agent has accepted your request you have full access to all rights listed in the catalog.
How do I start a team?

A team is the forum where you and your coworkers collaborate to meet your buyers. Steps:

  • set up a team for yourself and invite your coworkers.
  • add works to your rights catalog.
  • tell buyers about your catalog and invite them to join your team.
  • create sales leads
Where can I find my submissions?

Your submissions are listed on your dashboard. Klick the SELL or ACQUIRE tab and then go to DASHBOARD.

I've lost my password, what now?

Don't panic! Here's the link you need  or contact us: .

Where can I find more support?

The business of licensing is complicated. We want Rightsdesk to be smart and easy to use. It took us a while to get there. Still puzzled? No problem. We love to hear from you. Email us at {} or call us at { +41 44 552 22 24}