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Anness Publishing was founded in 1988 and we are now one of the largest independent book publishers in the UK. After 25 years we have sold in excess of 222,000,000 books, publishing titles on subjects ranging from cooking and crafts to gardening, new age, reference, hobbies and transport as well as a lively and successful list of pre-school activity and home study reference books for children.

LORENZ BOOKS is our trade sales imprint for hardback non-fiction titles and is celebrating its 22nd year in 2015. Lorenz has justifiably forged a reputation as one of the foremost imprints in illustrated publishing worldwide, with award-winning titles that cover the widest range of practical and reference subjects.

SOUTHWATER is our trade sales paperback imprint, renowned for its extremely competitive pricing policy, fantastic packaging and quality, and the depth of its list.

ARMADILLO is our trade imprint for illustrated children's fiction and non-fiction titles. We publish a wide range of traditional children's story books, pre-school and novelty books, as well as highly illustrated information books in the areas of science, history and natural history, and practical and creative project and activity books.

PEONY PRESS is our gift stationery imprint, promoting floral and fine-art gift cards, notebooks, photo albums, organizers, calendars and jigsaws.   

PRACTICAL PICTURES is the photo-library of over 400,000 images we have generated in the process of developing our titles in the past 25 years. It comprises over 160,000 pictures of food, cooking techniques, ingredients and finished recipes; over 50,000 pictures of gardening techniques, outdoor projects, garden plants and tools; and tens of thousands of images covering mind, body and spirit; crafts of all kinds; animals and pets; children's projects; health; well-being; natural history, and much more

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