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by Mayes, Frances

Kit Raine is an American writer living in Italy. When three American women move to her Tuscan neighborhood, she begins to question what such arrivals mean and what departures means for expats like her.

The story Kit tells belongs to the three women—new friends, all older single women—who have opted out of the fates expected of them in America, and have taken a lease on a stone manse close to Kit's property. They are escaping, reinventing, reevaluating. Above all, they are novices in a foreign culture, figuring out the language and the day-to-day. What they share is a gusto for life and a sturdy if indefinite determination to thrive. Thrive they do. Released from their former lives, encouraging each other, and finding a lot of why-not courage, each woman develops the submerged, attenuated aspect of her core self. Though there are setbacks and complications because of continuing tensions from home, their stories are big affirmations of late-life possibilities and of big acceptance of an alternative way of living when the lives they had are gone.

Frances Mayes is the author of the bestselling Tuscany memoirs UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN, BELLA TUSCANY, and EVERY DAY IN TUSCANY, a travel memoir, a cookbook, two illustrated books, a novel, and five books of poetry. Her works have been translated into 24 languages.

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With poetic writing and elegant imagery, WOMEN IN SUNLIGHT tells a story of friendship, love, and having courage to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

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Frances Mayes's novel about the feasts and friendships of four American women in the Tuscan countryside is a joy for the senses and an awakening for us all to the possibilities in our lives. Women in Sunlight is one of those novels you'll want to linger in, to leave open on your bedside table, to read each page again and again. – Nancy Thayer, author of A Nantucket Wedding

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