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by Lesy, Michael

Odd and haunting yet with longstanding appeal, WISCONSIN DEATH TRIP by Michael Lesy is a pictorial historical book that is celebrating its 50th anniversary in print this year.

First published in 1973, this remarkable book about life in a small turn-of-the-century Wisconsin town has become a cult classic. Lesy has collected and arranged photographs taken between 1890 and 1910 by a Black River Falls photographer, Charles Van Schaik.

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50 Years on, 'Wisconsin Death Trip' Still Haunts and Inspires: Michael Lesy's book of historical photographs and found text offers a singular portrait of American life. ..."Wisconsin Death Trip" is 50 years old this year, and it's an anniversary worth heeding. Lesy's unclassifiable book earns its portentous title, and its tone has influenced many disparate works of art. It is a haunting backdoor into history and a raw experiment in feeling. It has never been, as the fissures in American life deepen, more relevant...

Review: New York Times Book Review

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