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Secrets to Look, Feel, and Think Younger Every Day

by Amen, Daniel G.

From the bestselling author and brain expert, a brain-healthy program to turn back the clock, and keep your mind sharp and your body fit. For more than 20 years, Dr. Daniel Amen has been helping people look and feel young, healthy, and vibrant with his brain healthy strategies. Now, he shares his complete anti-aging program, to improve memory, focus, and energy;? keep your heart and immune system strong;? and reduce the outward signs of aging.

Your brain is the organ of learning, loving and behaving. When your brain works right, you work right. When your brain is troubled, you are much more likely to have trouble in your life. Unfortunately, many mental health professionals get little to no training in applying practical neuroscience to their every day practices, which holds them back from getting optimal results. Whether you deal with kids, teens, adults, couples or the elderly, anxiety, depression, ADHD, or the problems of aging, having a deeper understanding of brain function and brain optimization strategies is critical to maximizing clinical outcomes. In this fun, fast paced workshop you will learn the central role of brain function in a mental health practice and specific strategies on how to optimize it. You will learn 7 underlying brain systems related to behavior, the problems associated with each system and how to effectively treat them with natural supplements and various standard and alternative therapeutic interventions. In the process you'll learn about fascinating large-scale studies Dr. Amen has conducted with populations ranging from NFL players to church groups. Contrary to what many professionals believe, you and your clients are not stuck with the brains you have, you can make them better and this workshop will show you how.

DANIEL G. AMEN, M.D., is a clinical neuroscien-tist, psychiatrist, and brain imaging expert who heads the world-renowned Amen Clinics. He is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and has won several writing and re-search awards. He has published twenty-four books, numerous professional and popular articles, and a number of audio and video programs. His books in-clude Preventing Alzheimer's, Healing Anxiety and Depression, Healing the Hardware of the Soul, Healing ADD, Making a Good Brain Great, Sex on the Brain, and the New York Times bestsellers Change Your Brain, Change Your Life and Magnificent Mind at Any Age. He is an internationally recognized keynote speaker and the star of several very popular public television specials, including Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.

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