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by Banker, Ashok

First title in a epic fantasy series about siblings battling for control of a vast empire while a powerful demonlord pits them against each other.

Two princes, Shvate, who is blind and Adri, who is albino, are born in Hastinaga, capital of the vast Krushan empire. Though one cannot see, and the other must stay out of sunlight, the Dowager Empress Jilana and Prince Regent Vrath assure their people and allies that these obstacles will be overcome and that the princes together will form one great warrior. Any rumblings of dissent are quickly squelched by Bhishma, himself a demi-god and a formidable warrior, and none dares to challenge the might of the Burnt Empire.

But when Jarsun of Reygistan's daughter is spurned by the ruling family despite her legitimate claim to the throne, Jarsun - a powerful demonlord - embarks upon a relentless campaign to destroy the Burnt Empire. and all who stand in his way.

The first book of a new epic fantasy series inspired by an ancient Sanskrit epic and Indian mythology, Upon a Burning Throne evokes the expansive worldbuilding and complex twists of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire , N.K. Jemisin's Inheritance trilogy, or Ken Liu's The Dandelion Dynasty series.

ASHOK K. BANKER is the pioneer of the speculative fiction genre in India and the author of 52 books, including the internationally acclaimed Ramayana series. His works have all been best-sellers in India, and have sold around the world. He lives in Los Angeles and is of Irish-Portuguese-Sri Lankan-Indian ancestry.

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Ambitious and highly readable. . . Banker (the Ramayana series) impressively depicts the loyalties and rivalries of a huge cast while moving his enormous story at cinematic pace through scales personal, political, and cosmic. . . Fans of doorstopper epic fantasy will devour this tale of gods and princes.

Review: Publishers Weekly

In this rich environment, various perspectives from the vast cast of characters are used to tell this immersive story from the internationally best-selling Banker

Review: Booklist, starred review

Upon A Burning Throne is a veritable doorstop. . . Banker has written a jaw-dropping 60 books. . . so readers impatiently waiting for the next volume will have plenty of backlist to explore.

Review: Library Journal

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