A Boy at War

by McRobbie, David

We had trained for emergencies. Every man knew how to launch a lifeboat. There were life jackets to save us, but no one said, Oh, and this is what an exploding torpedo does, and here’s what happens when the ship sinks under you. And the lights will be out, so you‘ll be in the dark...

It is 1940 and war rages. The Atlantic Ocean is the only lifeline between England and North America for supplies of food, raw materials and armaments. It falls to the men and women of the Merchant Navy to sail these dangerous seas, braving foul weather and constant threat from German submarines to bring back these precious supplies. With nothing to keep him at home, fifteen-year-old Adam Chisholm joins up, learning the ropes as his first ship takes him on a stormy convoy where he faces seasickness, submarines and shipwreck. In five remarkable sea journeys, Adam meets enemies face to face, learns about his father, and makes friends – some for a lifetime. Like Hana’s Suitcase, The Diary of Laura’s Twin and Jackie French’s books, this novel, illustrated with wartime posters and sketches, brings history alive. David McRobbie was born in Scotland and is the author of many bestselling books for children and young adults, some of which have been adapted for television. David was an evacuee in the Second World War, which helped inspire his successful 2011 novel Vinnie’s War (10,000 copies sold). In To Brave the Seas he draws again on his war and Merchant Navy experiences to add colour and realism to the story.

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