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by Anstee, Ashlyn

A companion read-along to Boop the Snoot - the littlest readers will love tickling all of the tummies!

Tickle tickle, little tum. Giggly baby, wiggly bum!

Some tummies are smooth, some are furry. Some tummies are lazy, some are in a hurry. But each and everyone can be... tickled! This interactive board book is perfect for cuddling up with babies and toddlers as they learn all tummies can be tickled.

From the author-illustrator of the Shelby and Watts chapter book series, Ashlyn Anstee, comes the cutest new board book series that will have kids and their guardians bowled over with giggles.

Ashlyn Anstee grew up in a rainy city in Canada and then settled in a sunny city in the United States with her husband and four cats. She works in the animation industry and, in her spare time, drinks tea and takes naps. She writes, draws, illustrates, animates, and is the creator of the books No, No, Gnome!, Are We There, Yeti?, Hedgehog!, as well as the Shelby & Watts graphic novel chapter book series, including Tide Pool Troubles and A Mountain of a Problem. Boop the Snoot and Tickle Tickle, Little Tum are her first board books.

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Whimsical rhymes introduce a series of bellies that may be tickled, belonging to white, Black, and brown babies, toddlers, and a variety of animals as well. Lively illustrations depict the characters in a charmingly loose style, colors spilling past thickly drawn outlines, against vibrant speckled backgrounds. Adult readers can offer children the opportunity to tickle the illustrations, as encouraged by the text, and may also open conversations about speaking up and setting limits when a tickle just doesn't sound appealing. This enjoyable title offers connections for gross-motor activity and conversations about bodily autonomy.

Review: School Library Journal

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