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7 Steps to Transform Your Emotional Weight and Have an Awesome Life

by Chaban, Alejandro

At the core of Think Skinny, Feel Fit are the author’s Seven Steps to identifying negative emotions that weigh people down. You must shed your emotional pounds before you can get rid of the physical ones… These are the steps Chaban himself used to overcome obesity and that have helped thousands of clients achieve the same results for themselves.

Alejandro Chabán suffered from being overweight as a child and from anorexia and bulimia as an adolescent, and desperately tried to have a healthy body. Then, after trying different diets and exercise regimens, he finally lost 150 pounds. But he discovered that even though his body was thin, in his mind, he was still overweight. This realization inspired him to develop techniques to accept these feelings and transform them into powerful practices. In 2012, this proven method led Alejandro to found Yes You Can!®, a program that has helped thousands of people to follow a healthy lifestyle with a Latin flavor.

In Think Skinny, Feel Fit, Alejandro shares for the first time the seven steps that were essential in helping him master his mind in order to transform his body. Using personal anecdotes and examples, Alejandro explains in detail what it means to be emotionally overweight, how emotions and physical well-being are connected, and how best to identify the mental obstacles that weigh down your mind and body. These steps, grounded in positive-thinking techniques, meditation, and self-acceptance and commitment, will help you lead a happier, healthier life. Now you can say "Yes!" to finally taking care of yourself the way you deserve.

Alejandro Chabán is an author, motivational speaker, certified nutrition and wellness consultant, founder and CEO of Yes You Can!®, and is one of the most popular Hispanic celebrities in the entertainment business. He has dedicated his life to sharing his experiences of battling eating disorders and obesity as a teenager, his journey from a bullied kid in school to an admired TV personality and health and wellness expert, and to helping others to transform themselves the way he did.

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Alejandro Chaban debuts at # 2 on the Advice, How-To and Miscellaneous monthly list on the June 25 NYT bestseller list!

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