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How to Speak successfully When You're Put on the Spot

by Abrahams, Matt

By Stanford lecturer in strategic communication, podcast host and TEDx Talk speaker Matt Abrahams, the definitive guide to eloquent communication - particularly in moments of anxiety or stress.

Communication is the crucial ingredient to success - not just in business, but in the business of everyday life. But critical, spur-of-the-moment situations that have high-stakes communicative demands occasionally induce too much anxiety for the speaker to confidently handle. A prospective client asking an unexpected question during a sales pitch, a professor 'cold calling' you during a class, or even an engagement proposal to deliver on the spot - all are fraught scenarios which often cause a freezing up, or a flubbing of words.

The pandemic has only boosted this ubiquitous fear, by stripping the spontaneity from communication during lockdown, and then changing the communication landscape such that interaction becomes more 'hybrid' - operating over different digital interfaces and requiring flexibility in how communication is done, as well as with whom or when.

We all have input to give, stories to share, and ideas to spread. THINK FASTER, TALK SMARTER provides a methodology that enables the individual to cut through any anxiety arising from stressful, impromptu demands to deliver crisp, compelling, calm communication for the best business and personal outcomes. It's a resource for anyone who wants to speak out, and an energetic, engaging resource that speaks to the reader in the same tone it encourages the reader to adopt.

Matt Abrahams is the Larsen Lam Family Lecturer in Organizational Behaviour at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business, and a much sought-after keynote speaker and communication consultant for Fortune 100 companies. His popular podcast, Think Fast Talk Smart is #1 in the Apple Ranks for Career/Business podcasts in India, Israel, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore, and in the Top 5 in the US and the UK, with 1.1 million average downloads/listens per month. His TEDx Talk has now racked up just under 5 million views.

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