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by Collier, Peter

A voice from the past recreates the past through other voices from the past. Masterfully.

How exciting it would be if Lemoyne Billings, John Kennedy's best friend (their friendship started when they were teenagers, in prep-school, in 1930), had written a book about the time the two spent in Los Angeles a quarter of a century later, when Jack was trying not too successfully to get away from his father, and just as unsuccessfully not to get too involved with any one woman, while working as a journalist covering Hollywood studios.

Peter Collier (1939-2019) was the co-author of a number of best-sellers published many years ago, in the days of BOMC selections and huge paperback deals (THE ROCKEFELLERS, Holt 1976; THE KENNEDYS, Summit/S&S, 1984; THE FORDS, Summit/S&S, 1987).

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