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Little Brown (2014-12)
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by Kahn, AshleySantana, Carlos

A highly anticipated autobiography for publication in 2014.

Carlos Santana introduced the world to a sound that was equal parts Tito Puente, B.B. King, and Jimi Hendrix--a sinuous guitar tone and a band that blended latin rhythms with rock and roll snarl. His performance at Woodstock would become legendary, and through the seventies and eighties, Santana would remain a rock pioneer, delving into jazz and mysticism while playing with musical luminaries from Bob Dylan to Stevie Ray Vaughn. In the late nineties his guitar would flood top-40 radio again with his inspired collaboration album Supernatural, which garnered nine Grammys and introduced his music to a whole new generation. Santana's story goes beyond rock excess--although coming up in the late sixties San Francisco scene promises plenty of that--and into the incredible strength and force of creativity that would help an immigrant kid from rural Mexico to change the face of pop music for over five different decades. His accumulated wisdom and deep spirituality will make for an intimate and thoughtful memoir that will travel through the inspiring and defining moments of his musical life, and tell readers "there is a forgotten soul inside you." Carlos Santana was born in Mexico and is one of the most important rock musicians of our time.

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Carlos Santana to publish memoir!

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