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by Swiedler, Christopher

In this enthralling and emotional new standalone from the author of In the Red, which Booklist said will leave readers "breathless," a kid from the wrong side of outer space must lead the way to peace when a rebellion pits the world he comes from against the world he wants to be part of.

Lucas Adebayo grew up in the asteroid belt, so he's had plenty of practice flying mining rigs like the one he and his dad live on. But he knows that to become the best pilot in the solar system, he'll need to train in the Navy. The Navy has never accepted a Belter cadet, but Lucas is confident in his skills; when he's accepted to join the training ship the Orpheus, he knows it's time to show everyone what Belters are capable of.

But the Navy and Belters have a troubled history, and tensions between the two groups run high. There are people in the Navy who think Belters don't belong among their ranks, and there are Belters who think Lucas is betraying their community. Caught between the worlds of his past and his future, Lucas isn't sure where he belongs. When rebellion explodes, Lucas is trapped in the middle. It's up to him to lead the way to peace.

Christopher Swiedler is an author and software engineer who lives with his wife and three children in California, where they're under constant threat from earthquakes, tsunamis, and the occasional killer asteroid. His goal in life is to win the Newbery Honor (not the Medal itself), because he believes being a runner-up builds good character.

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