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Ten All-New Programs for Men and Women—Lose Fat, Gain Muscle, and Get Strong!

by Cosgrove, AlwynSchuler, Lou

This supercharged new edition of the super-effective weight-lifting program features all-new workouts to build maximum muscle in men and women.

Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove's The NewRules of Lifting, The New Rules of Lifting for Women, and The New Rules of Lifting for Abs have sold more than 219,000 copies combined. THE NEW RULES OF LIFTING SUPERCHARGED is a total reboot of the book that launched the series in 2006, packing even more power on every page.
Featuring ten completely new workouts for both women and men, THE NEW RULES OF LIFTING SUPERCHARGED emphasizes four major movements that do the most to change the way your body looks, feels, and performs: squat, deadlift, push, and pull. In addition, Cosgrove’s updated total-body workout program improves core strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, endurance, and athleticism… all in just three hours a week.
Another big change from the original NewRules of Lifting is a self-customized workout system. Readers can choose their own exercises from a menu for each movement category, allowingbeginner and advanced lifters to get tremendous results from the same basicplan. Each workout ends with a “finisher”—five to ten minutes of fun but high-effort drills such as complexes, intervals, and density training, with the choice of the reader’s favorite exercises. The ultimate guide to total-body strengthening, this supercharged edition of The New Rules of Lifting will lift readers to stratospheric results. LOU SCHULER is a National Magazine Award-winning journalist, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, and the author of many top-selling fitness books. ALWYN COSGROVE is a veteran trainer and strength coach. He co-owns Results Fitness in Newhall, California.

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Cool, AND certainly life changing, but only in the sense that our lives changed a few days before yours!... With The New Rules of Lifting Supercharged you get the latest training ideas, the best warmups, and a complete system to make your training fun and effective!...You are sure to see results with Supercharged, and I’m happy to have a new ‘go to’ book at the top of my ‘recommended’ list; The New Rules of Lifting Supercharged! Exclamation point, mine!

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Currently #8 in its Amazon category!

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"New Rule #1 in Supercharged says, "It's great to be good.” It's based on research showing that belief in your competence is directly related to your motivation to do more of the thing you do well.”

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