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Riverhead (2014-09)
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Understanding the Monster in Your Family, in Your Office, in Your Bed—in Your World

by Kluger, Jeffrey

NARCISSIST NEXT DOOR is filled with accessible science, expert research, and practical insights. This is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their relationships, personal or professional.

The odds are good that you know a narcissist—probably a lot of them. The odds are also good that they are intelligent, confident, and articulate—the center of attention. They make you laugh and they make you think. The odds are also that this spell won’t last.

Narcissists are everywhere. There are millions of them in the United States alone: entertainers, politicians, business people, your neighbors. Recognizing and understanding them is crucial to your not being overtaken by them, says Jeffrey Kluger, in his provocative new book about this insidious disorder. With insight and wit, Kluger frames the surprising new research on narcissism and explains the complex, exasperating personality disorder. He reveals how narcissism and narcissists affect our lives at work and at home, on the road, and in the halls of government; what to do when we encounter narcissism; and how to neutralize its effects before it’s too late.

As a Time writer and science editor, Kluger knows how to take science’s new ideas and transform them into smart, accessible insights. Highly readable and deeply engaging, this book helps us understand narcissism and narcissists more fully.

Jeffrey Kluger is a senior editor and writer at Time magazine. He is the coauthor of the bestseller, Apollo 13 and the author of The Sibling Effect (Riverhead published in 2011 and rights sold to Modan (Hebrew) and Litera (Romanian)), Simplexity, Splendid Solution, and Moon Hunters.

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[This] well-researched and entertaining study of the syndrome du jour pulls in figures as varied as Lance Armstrong, Kim Kardashian, Jayson Blair, and Steve Jobs. It also names “exploitativeness” and “entitlement” as two of the narcissist’s calling cards.

Review: Slate

Narcissists can be captivating people, and The Narcissist Next Door is a captivating book: meticulously researched, written with verve, and spiced with irresistible examples from the headlines and everyday life.

Quote: Steven Pinker

We are surrounded by narcissists and from afar, they are often easy to like. They are famous entertainers, successful business people and politicians. The charm wears off quickly, though, if they get too close—your neighbors, friends or your own family. The brilliant Jeffrey Kluger, one of our country’s most admired science writers, has written a book that taught me a great deal, made me laugh out loud on a quiet airplane ride, and forced me to be introspective about myself and the people I love. Kluger gives a lot of himself in this book, deftly weaving cutting-edge science with poignant personal stories that are astonishingly candid, and at times very familiar. At the risk of sounding…well, narcissistic, I of course wondered if I fit any of the criteria. Chances are you are wondering the same thing. So open the book and find out.

Review: Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Informative and engaging, Kluger’s account provides some effective tools for dealing with potential narcissists.

Review: Publishers Weekly

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