by Odyssey, Shawn Thomas

Every Wizard’s apprentice must survive the magical battle tests—a grueling, weeklong series of challenges designed to prepare the Wizard-in-training to stand against the ancient forces of Faerie. The time has come for thirteen-year-old Oona Crate to take the challenge... as if she didn’t already have her hands full.

The year is 1877, three months since she uncovered the secrets of the Magician’s Tower, and life has gotten complicated. With her concentration divided between the increasingly difficult battle tests, her growing fondness for the tattoo-faced-boy Adler Iree, and a newfound passion for the women’s rights movement, Oona’s attention is already stretched quite thin.

But when an ancient artifact is stolen from the Museum of Magical History, Oona discovers an eerie connection between the theft and her father’s murder three years ago, propelling her into a maelstrom of secretive suspects and bizarre circumstances that push her detective skills to their limit. It is Oona’s most personal and potentially deadly case yet.

Shawn Thomas Odyssey is the author of The Wizard of Dark Street and The Magician’s Tower, the first two books in the Oona Crate series, and a professional music composer for film and TV, with works including HBO’s “Deadwood” and the recent video game release of “Kung Fu Panda.” He has worked as an actor, musician, stagehand, set builder, scenic painter, and casting coordinator.

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A magical mystery tour of a novel with a bright and charming heroine.

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