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by Negron, Chris

For as long as he can remember, Curtis has been obsessed with becoming a chef like Lucas Taylor, host of The Next Super Chef. And Curtis has a secret: Taylor is actually his long-absent father.

So when Taylor announces a kids-only season of The Next Super Chef, Curtis finally sees his chance. He'll make it onto the show, win the competition, and prove to his dad that he's every bit as talented as he is.

But when Curtis arrives in New York to film the show, nothing is as he expected. He'd always thought that cooking was in his blood, but the other contestants are more experienced than he is. And seeing his dad is causing resentments to bubble up inside, feelings that just might keep him from taking the top spot.

It's all riding on the last challenge. If Curtis cooks his heart out like he knows he can, he just might go home with the top prize - and the truth.

Chris Negron grew up outside Buffalo, New York, where he spent a huge chunk of his childhood collecting comic books and loving sports. But it was the hours of playing Dungeons and Dragons in friends' basements that first gave him the dream of one day writing his own stories. That dream kept him company through college at Yale University and years of programming computers for big companies. He is the author of Dan Unmasked and The Last Super Chef, and he now lives outside Atlanta with his wife, Mary

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