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by Lohrey, Amanda

Erica Marsden's son, an artist, has been imprisoned for homicidal negligence. In a state of grief, Erica cuts off all ties to family and friends, and retreats to a quiet hamlet on the south-east coast near the prison where he is serving his sentence.

There, in a rundown shack, she obsesses over creating a labyrinth by the ocean. To build it—to find a way out of her quandary—Erica will need the help of strangers. And that will require her to trust, and to reckon with her past.

The Labyrinth is a hypnotic story of guilt and denial, of the fraught relationship between parents and children, that is also a meditation on how art can both be ruthlessly destructive and restore sanity. It shows Amanda Lohrey to be at the peak of her powers.

Amanda Lohrey lives in Tasmania and writes fiction and non-fiction. She has taught Politics at the University of Tasmania and Writing and Textual Studies at the University of Technology Sydney and the University of Queensland. Amanda is a regular contributor to the Monthly magazine and is a former Senior Fellow of the Literature Board of the Australia Council. In November 2012 she received the Patrick White Award for literature.

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Fritz Agency
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"A deeply meditative book... [Amanda Lohrey's] writing here is beautifully layered, rich in imagery and meaning, without ever being laboured...The Labyrinth offers a pull towards the unknown and a comfort in solitude. It is a sharply tuned novel, a sprawling narrative that resists rigid expectations, instead allowing those who inhabit the pages to surrender themselves to the mode of "reversible destiny" that it is constructed around."

Review: The Guardian

Winner of the 2021 Australian Prime Minister's Literary Award for Fiction

Award News: Client

Winner of the Miles Franklin Award 2021 Winner of the Voss Literary Prize

Award News: Client

"Haunting... A meditation on fundamental patterns in nature and in familial relations... [with a] narrative so bracing - like salt spray stinging your face - that one is borne forward inexorably... Taut, deftly edited... The novel's story is stark, unflinching - gothic without contrivance... Summary does scant justice to the subtlety and power of Lohrey's writing... Every page of this densely populated novel, with its incised landscape, shimmers."

Review: Australian Book Review

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