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Inside the Canine Mind, Body, Spirit, Space

by Benko, LauraPlotner, Susan Fisher

Inspiring, funny, informative, and touching dog stories accompany stunning photographs of these loveable canines in their spaces. By delving into dogs’ worlds holistically through their mind, body, spirit, and space, THE HOLISTIC DOG delivers a thorough understanding of our canine friends.

The mind portion covers their reasoning, habits and personalities. The body addresses their breed, wellness, and physical characteristics. Spirit represents the dogs’ disposition, intuitive connection, and the many ways they enhance the home atmosphere. Space captures the dogs’ connection to the beauty of their unique environments they call home.

Lifestyle expert Laura Benko has interviewed various canine experts such as holistic veterinarians, behaviorists, trainers, and masseurs. Readers will gain helpful tips and insights into holistic pet care and learn how to implement them with their own dogs. In stunning photographs, the dogs—from cavapoo to greyhound, purebred to winning mix—jump off the pages of THE HOLISTIC DOG and into our laps. These dogs warm our hearts with their charming stories and mugs, invite us into their homes, and introduce us to the growing trajectory of holistic pet care.

Laura Benko has utilized her skills as a modernizer of Feng Shui in trailblazing ways for more than a decade. She was named The City’s Best Feng Shui Expert by New York Magazine and was chosen as the new Feng Shui Expert for’s web series. She is the author of The Holistic Home, and the Founder of The Holistic Home Company. Susan Fisher Plotner is an accomplished photographer specializing in architecture, interiors, and design worldwide. She trained in architectural photography at the London College of Printing and is a regular contributor to the New York Times.

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This book will surprise you with its dog-focused stories, elegant photography, and useful information about our canine best friends. Combining research, love, and admiration, it's a winner!

Quote: Jean Baur, author of Joy Unleashed

There is no doubt that our dogs deserve our love. Wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated,The Holistic Dogis a celebration of our relationship and a testament to the bond between dogs and their humans.

Quote: Brian Hare, New York Times bestselling author of The Genius of Dogs

An elegant and wonderfully visual representation of life with our four-legged loves.

Quote: Stacie Grissom, head of content at BarkBox and editor-in-chief of BarkPost

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