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Mysterious Press / Open Road (Fall 2013)
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Thriller / suspense fiction


by Loomis, Gregg

Second book in the new thriller series featuring Jason Peters, an international operative for NARCOM, who takes jobs the government cannot commission or sanction.

He’s not officially an employee of the government, but Jason Peters kills for Uncle Sam. NARCOM is a private corporation that does what the CIA doesn't have the guts to handle, and Jason is their best operative—until the job got he best of him and he retired to Italy. But after a mysterious plane crash, Peters is pulled out of retirement. Terrorists have successfully developed the death ray once thought to be just a theory by famed scientist Nikola Tesla.
Peters must assemble a crack team of operatives to find and disable the death ray before it hits its next target: Air Force One.

Gregg Loomis is a former racing-car driver and a licensed commercial pilot. He has travelled extensively in Europe and the Caribbean. He has published several books in the US, including The Pegasus Secret and The Gates of Hades. Gregg has written several short stories and was nominated for Fiction Writer of the Year by the Georgia Writers' Association. Currently, he practises law in his native Atlanta, where he lives with his wife, Suzanne, also a lawyer, and their golden retrievers, Henry Tudor and Charles Stuart.

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