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Allen & Unwin (January 2013)
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Crime & mystery fiction


by Corris, Peter

The latest crime classic from the godfather of Australian crime writing sees Private Investigator Cliff Hardy leaving the mean streets of Sydney for the industrial city of Newcastle, where his search for lost documents uncovers a shipwreck, a multi-million dollar heist and a cast of characters that probably shouldn't be trusted.

'The idea of enjoying creeping along an underground alley in half-light was alien to me. But the secret of getting things done is to do them and not waste energy complaining.'
A famous nineteenth-century shipwreck; a search for lost documents; a two-million dollar heist; a Newcastle criminal family tearing itself apart; an undercover cop playing both sides against the middle and an alluring but fiercely ambitious female journalist, give Cliff Hardy all the trouble he can handle.
What started as an almost academic exercise – tracing lost documents to do with the 1857 wreck of the SS Dunbar – explodes into a here-and-now power struggle between criminals, police, lovers and unseen forces. The first person Hardy interviews is shot dead and the body count mounts as he pushes closer to the truth about the people, the documents and the loot.
Peter Corris has been writing his bestselling Cliff Hardy detective stories for thirty years.

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Remind(s) you just how good Peter Corris is, what a legend his private-detective character Cliff Hardy is.

Review: Sydney Morning Herald

What Ian Rankin does for Edinburgh ... Corris does for Sydney.

Quote: Shane Maloney

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