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Making Chocolate from Bean to Bar to Brownie

by D'Alesandre, GregGore, MollyMasonis, ToddVega, Lisa

One of the country's most celebrated craft chocolate makers explains how to make chocolate from scratch in your own kitchen. From sourcing beans to the mechanics and machinery of making bars, this is the first ever guide to making chocolate from start to finish, with 30 recipes for desserts and treats.

Founded six years ago as a quirky passion project by two friends from the San Francisco tech world, Dandelion Chocolate has grown to become one of the most admired leaders in craft chocolate--a growing movement akin to that of craft coffee. Making chocolate out of only two ingredients--cacao beans and sugar--Dandelion dives deep into all the aspects of the process, from bean sourcing, fermentation, and drying to roasting and all the way to the final, gold-wrapped bar. This book is the complete story of the purest, most intensely flavored chocolate, including how to make it yourself (in both quick-start and deep-dive versions), the details of sourcing and processing, and instructions on baking with these unique, precious treats.

TODD MASONIS is the cofounder and CEO of Dandelion Chocolate. After leaving a career in Silicon Valley in 2008, when he and his friend Cameron Ring sold their start-up, Plaxo, he took a traveling sabbatical to study everything from the old chocolate-making traditions in France to the best way to smash cocoa beans in his kitchen. In 2010, he and Cameron founded Dandelion Chocolate, a small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate factory in San Francisco's Mission District. By 2016, the company had grown into two factory and cafés in San Francisco and one in Tokyo.
GREG D'ALESANDRE is Dandelion Chocolate's vice president of research and development and Chocolate Sourcerer. He travels year round to build strong, trusting relationships with the cacao producers who partner with Dandelion Chocolate. He's been a product manager for Google and designed laser tracking and torpedo guidance systems, but he knew he'd end up in chocolate since the day he "borrowed" liquid nitrogen from the physics lab in college to make frozen truffles.
LISA VEGA is the executive pastry chef of Dandelion Chocolate. After years in Michelin-starred kitchens that include Gary Danko and Providence, she now spends her time improvising unique strategies for working with single-origin, two-ingredient chocolate. She was named a StarChefs Rising Star for San Francisco in 2016.
MOLLY GORE is a food writer, erstwhile restaurant critic, and the Dandelion Chocolate communications manager. Her writing has appeared in Edible San Francisco, Texas Monthly, The East Bay Express, and other local outlets. She lives in Berkeley with 20 chickens and probably has chocolate on her face.

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