by Cook, Kate

Your Guide to Keeping Happy, Healthy and Wise in the Workplace.

Switched on employers are starting to realize that one vital key to a flourishing business is the health of their employees. This book give you and your people and accessible, engaging and practical resource; presenting numerous and health and wellness insights, and suggesting how they can be applied to everytday life. It is not intended to be a ‘wagging finger’, telling people what they should and shouldn’t do; more of a good friend having a chat over a cup of tea, giving some considered advice. The overall aim is a serious one: to promote a revolution in how we approach our wellbeing, so that we treat ourselves, each other and our communities with greater care and respect.

Kate Cook makes nutritional change easy and effective. A highly experienced international speaker, her successful practice methods have secured TV appearances, publishing deals, magazine features and commissions as n international keynote speaker.

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