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by Jenner, Natalie

The internationally bestselling author of THE JANE AUSTEN SOCIETY returns with a compelling and heartwarming story of post-war London, a century-old bookstore, and three women determined to find their way in a fast-changing world.

Bloomsbury Books is an old-fashioned new and rare bookstore that has persisted and resisted change for a hundred years, run by men and guided by the general manager's unbreakable fifty-one rules. But in 1950, the world is changing, especially the world of books and publishing, and at Bloomsbury Books, the girls in the shop have plans:

Vivien Lowry: Single since her aristocratic fiance was killed in action during World War II, the brilliant and stylish Vivien has a long list of grievances - most of them well justified and the biggest of which is Alec McDonough, the Head of Fiction.
Grace Perkins: Married with two sons, she's been working to support the family following her husband's breakdown in the aftermath of the war. Torn between duty to her family and dreams of her own.
Evie Stone: In the first class of female students from Cambridge permitted to earn a degree, Evie was denied an academic position in favor of her less accomplished male rival. Now she's working at Bloomsbury Books while she plans to remake her own future.

As they interact with various literary figures of the time - Daphne Du Maurier, Ellen Doubleday, Sonia Blair (widow of George Orwell), Samuel Beckett, Peggy Guggenheim, and others, these three women with their complex web of relationships, goals and dreams are all working to plot out a future that is richer and more rewarding than anything society will allow.

Natalie Jenner was born in England, raised in Canada, and graduated from the University of Toronto with consecutive degrees in English Literature and Law. She worked for decades in the legal industry and also founded the independent bookstore Archetype Books in Oakville, Ontario, where she lives with her family and two rescue dogs. A lifelong devotee of all things Jane Austen, The Jane Austen Society is her first published novel.

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Bookbub has already named BLOOMSBURY GIRLS a Best Historical Fiction Book of 2022

Review: Bookbub

"Jenner follows THE JANE AUSTEN SOCIETY (2020) with another top-notch reading experience, using the same deft hand at creating complex, emotionally engaging characters through subtle details and actions, while providing a backdrop chock-full of factual historical information. Fans of Christina Baker Kline, Kate Quinn, and Pam Jenoff, as well as readers who enjoy novels about bookstores.will appreciate this gem."

Review: Booklist (starred)

"In a London still reeling from the ravages of World War II and the changes war has brought to English society, three young women take their futures into their own hands. With BLOOMSBURY GIRLS, Natalie Jenner has penned a timely and beautiful ode to ambition, friendship, bookshops, and the written word."

Quote: Janet Skeslien Charles, New York Times bestselling author of THE PARIS LIBRARY

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