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by Muncaster, Harriet

The Night Before Christmas meets Thumbelina in a toy-filled tale that celebrates the excitement and magic of the holiday season.

Clementine is a teeny-tiny girl who lives with her average-sized family. It’s mostly fun being the smallest, but Christmas can be tricky. Santa brings beautiful toys, but they are too big for this little girl.

Every year, Clementine tries to tell Santa she’s small. But the cookies she ices with a message to Santa are eaten, and the words she stamps out on the roof are covered by fresh snow. It’ll take a whole lot of Christmas spirit for Clementine to find the right way to reach Santa—and when she does, she just might get the toy of her dreams!

Harriet Muncaster’s whimsical illustrations shine in this celebration of creativity, gratitude, and the magic of Christmas.

Harriet Muncaster loves all things miniature, and that’s what inspired her to create teeny-tiny Clementine. She holds two degrees in illustration and lives in a village in Bedfordshire, England. This is the fifth picture book she has illustrated for children.

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At the heart of Muncaster’s story is a subtle message about gently but firmly letting one’s needs be known, but many readers will be happy just to pore over the delightful images of Clementine making the most of a very large world.

Review: Publishers Weekly

Clementine proves the adage about good things coming in small packages.

Review: Kirkus

There is something delightfully Eloise-like about Clementine...young children will love watching her prance confidently and joyfully through a world that may be too big for her but seems just right nevertheless.

Review: School Library Journal

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