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Trump's Cabinet and the Siege on Washington

by Nazaryan, Alexander

An in-depth examination of the Trump Cabinet, revealing how Cabinet secretaries are transforming government, tossing aside tradition, expertise, and norms, with lasting and troubling consequences.

From high-flying former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, whose penchant for first-class travel and a highly suspect housing arrangement raised Washington's collective eyebrow, to Education Secretary Betsy Devos, who vowed to protect children from "potential grizzlies," members of the Trump Cabinet have shown a startling penchant for headline-grabbing behavior. Despite Trump's pledge to "drain the swamp," petty corruption abounds. So what's really going on here?

In The Best People, journalist Alexander Nazaryan takes readers deep inside the Trump government and shows how laughable "scandals" like Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson's attempted purchased of a $31,000 dining set have masked far more important and potentially devastating developments: a coordinated, systematic effort by extreme right-wing Republicans to shred established institutions. Dogged in their conviction that the scope of government (apart from the military) should be reduced, Trump's Cabinet secretaries - many of them smarter than their gaffe-prone personalities might indicate - are dismantling the federal bureaucracy, showing long-term employees the door and gutting regulations. The result is a leaner, dumber government - one that will be far less equipped to protect the interests of regular Americans. The consequences will be felt for decades to come.

This is the first book specifically focused on Trump's cabinet, and Nazaryan's account - bolstered by sources inside the White House and government agencies - will peel back the curtain on what's really happening in the Executive Branch. In the tradition of Fire and Fury and It's Even Worse Than You Think, The Best People will be a riveting, harrowing, and essential read of Trump-era Washington.

Alexander Nazaryan is the Washington National Affairs correspondent for Yahoo. A former Newsweek staff writer, Nazaryan has written on politics, books and culture for the New York Times, Newsweek, the Washington Post, the Village Voice, the New Criterion, Salon, and many other publications.

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Alexander Nazaryan had the chance to interview President Donald Trump and discussed in a CNN interview what happened when Trump was asked about his cabinet. Nazaryan's interview was shared on MSN, kpvi, and Gwinnett Daily Post.

Quote: CNN

Nazaryan offers a field guide to the black lagoon of Trumpworld, a sump of venality, idiocy and contempt.

Review: The Guardian

Nazaryan penned a compelling article for The Atlantic about how President Trump "uses chaos to get stuff done."

Quote: The Atlantic

Author's appearance on Yahoo! Finance's TV show

Quote: Finance Yahoo

Alexander Nazaryan was featured on Jamie Weinstein's Podcast: The Jamie Weinstein Show to discuss his book, THE BEST PEOPLE and what makes Nazaryan's book different than the other books on the Trump administration.

Quote: Jamie Weinstein's Podcast

Alexander Nazaryan discusses his book, The Best People

Quote: AOL Build

Nazarayan appeared on CNN's Jake Tapper show

Quote: CNN

In his new book, 'The Best People: Trump's Cabinet and the Siege on Washington,' author and journalist Alexander Nazaryan delves into the scandals and incompetence within the Trump administration. Nazaryan joins Cheddar to discuss what readers can expect.

Quote: Cheddar

Heading into pub day, The Guardian reported that Trump has not ruled out Bannon for a return to his campaign, according to claims in the book. This news was picked up by Newsweek and The Hill. Yahoo piece dug deeper, analyzing whether TRUMP AND BANNON will REUNITE for 2020 while plugging the book (picked up by AOL, MSN, and Splinter News).

Quote: The Guardian / Yahoo

Nazaryan's piece on how Trump's presidency is succeeding despite its incompetency.

Quote: CNN

CNN's Brian Stelter interviews Nazaryan on his podcast, Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter where they discuss Nazaryan's book and Trump's cabinet.

Quote: Stitcher

Nazarayan appeared on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Show

Quote: MSNBC

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