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How to Succeed by Building Company and Customer Value

by Barta, ThomasBarwise, Patrick

What makes an effective and successful marketing leader? The authors of this groundbreaking book conducted a worldwide study with profiles of more than 68,000 business leaders—and discovered 12 essential traits that can make or break your success. The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader is the first and only leadership book for marketers based on anything like this level of research evidence.

THE 12 POWERS OF A MARKETING LEADER is based on a groundbreaking global study sponsored by McKinsey, London Business School, and INSEAD. Thomas Barta, former McKinsey partner, led the study to research and profile more than 68,000 marketing leaders in more than 120 countries. He and Patrick Barwise, emeritus professor at London Business School, also interviewed for this book dozens of CEOs and CMOs, Marshall Goldsmith, and many others. The results of the study and interviews are often surprising, and the authors have deftly turned the lessons from the study into prescriptive strategies that marketers at any level can use to increase revenue and relevance at their companies and in the business world at large.

This is not a marketing book. It's a leadership book for marketers, using the latest research on what worksand what doesn'tin marketing's digital age. By zeroing in on the value creation zone ("V-Zone")the all-important overlap between your company's and customers' needsyou'll be able to help the business win in the marketand achieve your career goals.

Thomas Barta is an internationally recognized thought leader on marketing leadership. As a McKinsey Partner with a senior marketing background, he helped shape the strategy and define the DNA behind many Fortune 500 brands. Barta has consulted and marketed for over 20 years, in 14 industries, in 45 countries. Each year, he gives more than 40 keynotes and seminars for companies, industry associations, and universities. His clients include many of the world's most prominent companies. As a dean of McKinsey's highest-rated internal program, he trained over a thousand McKinsey leaders on driving change without authority. Barta is the leadership Dean of the global CMO Fellowship Program, a joint venture between McKinsey and the Marketing Academy. He has written for the Huffington Post, McKinsey Quarterly, and is a columnist for, the No. 1 online magazine for marketing leaders.

Patrick Barwise is Emeritus Professor of Management and Marketing at London Business School and a Visiting Senior Fellow at the London School of Economics. He is an experienced consultant and expert witness on international commercial, tax and competition cases. His book Simply Better, co-authored with Seán Meehan, won the American Marketing Association's 2005 Berry-AMA Book Prize. Barwise's articles have appeared in the Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, and Financial Times.

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A must-read for every present and future CMO who cares about making a difference.

Quote: Seth Godin, author

Align your customer’s needs with your company’s process and you’ll find yourself creating or leading a market sector. The 12 Powers shows you how! Barta and Barwise have conducted critical primary research to produce an astounding new framework that will change the way you market your company and meet your customers’ needs! The framework, derived from comprehensive new research, offers everything you need to know to be a superior market leader! Thank you, Barta and Barwise, for sharing your secrets to success!

Quote: Marshall Goldsmith, author and The Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in World

I’ve always been convinced that marketing leaders need unique skills to be effective and make the greatest difference. Hurrah for Barta and Barwise who have quantified great marketing leadership and show some great, simple, and clear ways for achieving it. This is a hugely valuable, numbers based book of practical advice. I only wish I had been able to read it a good few years ago!

Quote: Amanda Mackenzie, Global CMO, Aviva

China: Beijing Yutu

Quote: Greenburger

Align your customer’s needs with your company’s process and you’ll find yourself creating or leading a market sector. The 12 Powers shows you how!… Thank you, Barta and Barwise, for sharing your secrets to success!

Quote: Marshall Goldsmith, author

The 12 Powers of a Marketing leader singles out the No1 factor for CMO success: leadership! Packed with research-based insights and enlightening stories, it’s the leadership book for 21st-century marketers.

Quote: Katie Vanneck-Smith, Chief Customer Office, Dow Jones

The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader offers a specific and practical path for CMOs to ‘elevate’ their roles and become leaders in their organizations. An essential read for any marketing professional looking to take the next step in their career.

Quote: Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Co

Stuffed full of sound analysis, crucial career advice and fascinating case studies—this is an effortless must-read for the ambitious marketer.

Quote: Gavin Patterson, CEO, BT

A persuasive and well-researched perspective on the opportunities open to marketers to lead for change, both inside their organizations and outside. Important reading for anyone wishing to flourish in this most exciting and dynamic field of corporate life.

Quote: Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever

By re-aligning the role, this thoughtful book shows how marketing can contribute more not only to the success of the organization but also, and significantly, to the career paths of marketers themselves. Research-based, yes: but brought to life by human beings.

Quote: Sir Martin Sorrell, founder and CEO, WPP

This is the book we’ve all been waiting for. A masterful dissection of what it really takes to lead marketing, written in a pragmatic, compelling way that everyone can use to grow their business and further their career. In a world where the fundamentals of marketing are being challenged daily by technology, it provides a roadmap for how to lead, despite the rapidly changing context. The 12 principles identify what really matters—with insight and wisdom.

Quote: Syl Saller, Global CMO, Diageo, Marketing Society Leader of the Year 2015

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