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by Abramowitz, Andy

Nick Hornby meets Almost Famous in this side-splittingly funny coming-of-middle-age debut novel about the lead singer of a one-hit wonder 90s band who tries for one more hit.

Teddy Tremble is nearing forty and has settled into a comfortable groove, working at a stuffy law firm and living in a downtown apartment with a woman he thinks he might love. Sure, his days aren’t as exciting as the time he spent as the lead singer of Tremble, the rock band known for its mega-hit “It Feels Like a Lie,” but that life has long since passed its sell-by date.

But when Teddy gets a cryptic call from an old friend, he’s catapulted into contemplating the unthinkable: reuniting Tremble for one last shot at rewriting history. Never mind that the band members haven’t spoken in ten years, that they left the music scene in a blazing cloud of indifference, that the only fans who seem to miss them reside in an obscure little town in Switzerland, and that he’d be abandoning his long-time girlfriend in her time of need for a chance to be with the one woman he’s never quite managed to leave in the past.

If Teddy manages to snooker his band mates out of their adult lives, can a once immature, self-involved fallen idol find his way back to the top—and possibly back to the one who got away? Thank You, Goodnight is debut novelist Andy Abramowitz’s hilarious, honest, and heart-warming story about love, lyrics, and finding one’s legacy in the unlikeliest of places.

Andy Abramowitz lives in Philadelphia with his wife and two daughters. Like Teddy Tremble, he is a lawyer with a past in music. Unlike Teddy, he has no musical legacy to correct. He is hard at work on his second novel.

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What do you do when you’ve given up on your dreams at age 25? When you’ve flamed out embarrassingly after a brief stint as a rock star? When you’re now nearing 40 and have nothing and no one? You put the band back together. In the character of Teddy Tremble, Andy Abramowitz has created a kind of 21st century Binx Bolling, a man in desperate search for meaning, maturity, and redemption. Funny, tender, and moving, Thank You, Goodnight is a debut from a writer to watch.

Quote: John Kenney

A wild and spirited story about dreams lost, found, and broken. After all the reading fun it didn't have to be wise, but it was.

Quote: Daniel Wallace

[A] very funny, deftly done debut . . . . With a good deal of compassion and a great eye for detail, Abramowitz delves a little deeper here than is typical of a rock ’n’ roll novel. Teddy struggles to let go of the ambition and self-aggrandizement that led to the band’s implosion, and his rebirth is a pleasure to behold.

Review: Booklist

While it would have been easy for Abramowitz to fall back on rock and roll stereotypes, these characters—even the ones who initially feel familiar—are complex and unique. The pacing is quick, the emotional current soars, and the dialogue rings true. Abramowitz's debut is both funny and compassionate, using the world of the music industry to illustrate the questions of life and legacy that so many of us ponder.

Review: Kirkus

FRENCH: Bragelonne

Quote: Touchstone

Think High Fidelity and About a Boy with a dose of Music & Lyrics thrown in.

Review: Billboard Magazine

A hilarious send-up of the music industry, late-onset adulthood, and where the two often uncomfortably meet. It’s also a sage novel for anyone who believes that our talents don’t fade as we get older, they only get better.

Quote: Rick Springfield

Andy Abramowitz nails it with Thank You, Goodnight, a novel that is both comic and serious—just like real life. The characters are mordant and funny, the dialogue is crisp, and the story surprised me in delightful ways.

Quote: David Small

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