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Dundurn Press (December 2014)
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by Behar, Eliott

Shortlisted for the Hilary Weston Writers' Trust Prize for Nonfiction, 2015, TELL IT TO THE WORLD examines the causes and consequences of mass violence, identifying a powerful and disturbing connection between the justice we seek and the injustices we commit.

Just two years before September 11th, NATO went to war in the heart of Europe to protect a victimized Muslim population. As Europe now grapples with the disconnect between the Muslim world and modern secular democracy, the Kosovo war and its lessons have been all but forgotten.

In TELL IT TO THE WORLD, former war crimes prosecutor Eliott Behar uses the stunning events that took place in Kosovo in 1999 - and the war crimes trial that brought the perpetrators to justice - to explore the causes of mass justice, and to make a powerful and very personal case for how we must respond.

Eliott Behar developed an early interest in international human rights, criminal justice and human psychology. Following his graduation from law school he became a Crown Attorney in Toronto, where he prosecuted cases ranging from fraud to murder, argued numerous complex appeals at the Ontario Court of Appeal, appeared at the Supreme Court of Canada, and provided legal advice to the Attorney General on issues ranging from hate crimes to child abductions. In 2008, Eliott became a war crimes prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague, an experience that provided the impetus for his upcoming book. After his trial was completed he returned to Canada, where he worked with a small, specialized trial unit prosecuting police officers charged with serious criminal offences.

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