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Viking (2013-10)
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Children’s picture books


by Campbell, KeithDyckman, Ame

Not since Children Make Terrible Pets has there been such a funny, charming, and relatable story about the friendship between a child and a bear.

A bear cub is playing in the woods when he smells something delicious. He follows his nose and finds a backyard tea party with . . . cookies! Cub is just about to dig in when a girl catches him. She says that first he must be clean. Then he can have cookies. Cub does not want to be clean. But he does want cookies. Yet the girl’s rules go on: Cub must be neat. He must be fancy. He must be dainty. Just how much can one bear take, even for cookies?

K. G. Campbell ( graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Masters in ArtHistory, but various misadventures led him ultimately to Studio City, California. He is the author and illustrator of Lester’s Dreadful Sweaters and the illustrator of The Illuminated Adventures of Flora and Ulysses. Follow K.G. on Twitter @KGCampbell2

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French rights sold to Circonflexe, Hebrew to Kinneret and Chinese to Grimm Press

Quote: Viking

Strong storytelling, pacing, emotive illustrations that match the deceptive plot and an exuberant sense of fun make this little gem a winner.

Review: Kirkus (starred)

Dyckman (Boy and Bot, 2012) and Campbell (Flora and Ulysses, 2013) are a winning pair, using their comedic chops to pace the story beautifully. . . . This battle of wills between two charmers hits just the right note.

Review: Booklist (starred)

Dyckman’s (Boy and Bot) and Campbell’s (Flora and Ulysses) story is like a pretty petit four with an unexpectedly zingy filling.

Review: Publishers Weekly (starred)

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