by Denos, JuliaMcNamara, Margaret

Five fairy sisters live on Sheepscot Island, a place not so very far away from where you are now. They go to fairy school, do their fairy chores, attend fairy balls. And they always keep a lookout for the Trolls. They're just like the sisters you always wanted: fun, clever, mischievous, and loving. Plus they're magic!

Clara Bell, Rosy Bell, Golden Bell, Sylva Bell, and Baby Squeak are fairy sisters who live on Sheepscot Island. They still have some growing up to do before they'll be like their big sister, Tinker Bell, who lives far away. Sheepscot is a perfect place for fairies (even if it's also home to some nasty Trolls): there's a forest and a beach, schools and fairy houses, and lots of room to spread your wings. Usually, Sylva and her sisters get along just fine (for sisters) but not when it comes time for the annual Fairy Ball. Sylva has her heart set on going-she'll get to wear magical diamond wings!-but she's one day too young. Fairies must be eight years old to attend-- it's the Fairy Way-- and poor Sylva has her birthday on the day after the ball. Sylva pouts and cries a little at first, but then she has an idea-- what if she makes her sisters' dresses even more beautiful than they are? With a shell sewn on here, and a rope of pearls there, and a snip and a trim. How Sylva manages to salvage the ruined ball gowns, reconcile with her sisters, save the Fairy Ball from an attack of the Trolls, and change the Fairy Way makes for exciting reading-just perfect for girls who love books about magic, friends, and family. Margaret McNamara is the pen name for Brenda Bowen, an esteemed children's publisher and now literary agent. She has penned 28 titles in the Robin Hill School series, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary with Scholastic's publication of two titles in 2013. She was awarded the Christopher Medal for How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? (Schwartz & Wade) and recently published The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot and George Washington's Birthday (both Schwartz & Wade), and Apple ABC (Scholastic). Margaret McNamara spends her summers in Maine-- often with her two sisters and her "baby" brother-where she has been known to build fairy houses and listen out for Trolls.

Julia Denos graces this delightful text with her girly and energetic illustrations.

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Whimsical details of fairy life… give the series its gentle warmth and humor.

Review: Publishers Weekly

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Quote: Greenburger

The narration is sweet and gentle. Sylva's proactive personality makes her an engaging character for readers to follow. Good intentions and heroism wrapped in a dainty package for girls who can't get enough fairies.

Review: Kirkus Reviews

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