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STRANGERS AT MY DOOR : An Experiment in Radical Hospitality

by Wilson-Hartgrove, Jonathan

How to experience Jesus in your every day life

Using the power of well-told stories, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove shows readers how they can experience Jesus every day as they minister to "the least of these my brethren." As a teenager, the author started to read the New Testament as if Jesus really did mean everything he said. How would a person's life change if he or she assumed that Jesus's more outlandish statements were not mere figures of speech? Jesus pointed to the most neglected people of his day and said that when you minister to them you minister to him directly. Wilson-Hartgrove chose to act on those words, believing that Jesus appears to us in the neediest people we encounter. The author is a popular speaker and one of the founders of the growing New Monastic movement. In inner-city Durham, North Carolina, he and fellow believers welcome every person who comes to their door--without exception. Wilson-Hartgrove is a recognized leader within progressive Christianity. He combines a commitment to biblical obedience with an approach to life that frees believers from peripheral religious traditions. JONATHAN WILSON-HARTGROVE and his wife founded Rutba House, a "hospitality house" where Christians live and work together and welcome anyone who comes to their door. Wilson-Hartgrove is associate minister of the historically black St. John's Missionary Baptist Church and partners in work with inner-city youth, in community-based education, and in classes with those who are incarcerated. He lives in North Carolina.

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