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Poolbeg Press Ltd. (May 2012)
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by Kavanagh, Linda

Secrets always have a way of rising to the surface.

There was a moment when Ivy Heartley could have told the truth. But she didn't. Now she's burdened with a terrible secret, a secret so awful that she must constantly live in fear, since its disclosure could destroy her marriage, wreck her career as a famous soap star, and turn her own son against her. But someone has discovered the secret Ivy is keeping. Now she must face fear of a different kind, as an unseen enemy twists the knife. What does this person want? Ivy must now battle to save all she holds dear, maybe even her own life...

Linda Kavanagh has been a journalist and writer for over 30 years. She spent fifteen years as a staff sub-editor and feature writer with the RTE Guide, and wrote travel and health columns. Her previous novels include Hush Hush, Love Child, Love Hurts and Time After Time.

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Dark, gritty and addictive, this is definitely worth a read.

Review: RTE Guide

If you are a fan of Jodi Picoult, this one's for you.

Review: Irish Independent

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