by Ford, Christopher

STICKMAN ODYSEEY follows a young stickman, Zozimos, as he embarks on a heroic journey to avenge his father?s murder and win back his kingdom. This darkly funny graphic novel will appeal to fans of both Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Homer?s The Odyssey. Seriously!

Zozimos is helped in his quest by a frog-man named Atrukos; his half-sister Alexa, who gouged out her eyes when she discovered she had amorous feelings for her brother (Zozimos only told Alexa he gouged out his own eyes, too); his clingy girlfriend Asteria; and his Uncle Nestor, an old warrior turned turnip farmer. Of course, there are any number of gods and monsters vying to throw Zozimos off?course, from the standard Greek pantheon to ghost kings, evil clouds, living stones, man?eating sheep and giant pens descending from the sky to doodle on the fabric of reality.

We promise you haven't read a funnier, more refreshing take on the Greek epic since...ever.

For Christopher Ford, doodling began like it does for most kids, as a way to get through elementary school; he continued to doodle obsessively through NYU Film School. After graduating, Ford co-founded Waverly Films to work in music video and commercial production, doing work for Fatboy Slim, Deathcab for Cutie, McDonald's and MTV. You can see an interview with Christopher Ford and some of his animated doodles here:

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