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Signet Eclipse (2013-02)
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by Adams, Tessa

SOULBOUND is the first in a new urban fantasy romance series featuring a witch in Texas who unexpectedly comes into her powers when her former lover returns.

Xandra Morgan is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter born on the seventh day of the seventh month. Her family, part of a great dynasty of witches in Ipswich, Texas, expects great things from such an auspicious beginning. But even in her mid-twenties, Xandra's powers are latent, and she has zero hope that they’ll ever manifest. But this doesn't exactly bother the laid-back Texan. She’s content to work as a barista at a local coffee shop and live with her best friend forever.

But when she suddenly receives a vision that leads her into the woods one night, she stumbles upon the body of a woman marked with the symbol of Isis--the mark that appeared on Xandra's arm on her 18th birthday after her failed debut as a witch. What's worse, the woman is linked to a mysterious man Xandra had fallen in love with as a teenager who vanished from town years ago.

As more bodies show up and her powers increase, Xandra desperately searches for answers--and the lost love that might be at the center of it all.

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