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Pequeños grandes gestos
Children’s gift books

Small Gestures, Big Effect

by Llorca, Francisco

We see the series as gift books for children.

Small Gestures, Big Effect is a beautiful collection of illustrated books for boys and girls, aimed at making them familiar with values and encouraging them, through examples, to become the very main characters of their own stories. Each book pays tribute to a series of courageous personalities from all over the world who, in their own way, helped to make this world a better place. Be it to give a voice to those who have none, to defend the environment, to resist all forms of racism, stand up for more tolerance or to do good, through sports and sciences, never forget: Big changes often start with a small gesture. Each book is designed by a different illustrator.

Pequeños grandes gestos por la libertad de expresión (Small Gestures, Big Effect for Freedom of Expression)

Pequeños grandes gestos por el planeta (Small Gestures, Big Effect for the Planet)

Pequeños grandes gestos por la tolerancia (Small Gestures, Big Effect for Tolerance)

Pequeños grandes gestos en el deporte (Small Gestures, Big Effect in Sports)

Pequeños grandes gestos contra la discriminación (Small Gestures, Big Effect against Discrimination)

Pequeños grandes gestos por la ciencia (Small Gestures, Big Effect for Science)

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