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Reinvent the Way You Work and Change the Future

by Jonas Altman

SHAPERS is the definitive guide to elevate the way you work and live.
We work in places, ways, and on things that were once the stuff of sci-fi flicks. Yet the reality is that most professionals are not happy in their work. Whether you want to reset your career, strike out on your own, or just ignite more joy in what you do — this illuminating book shows you how to go beyond the daily grind and do what fuels you.

Learn to adopt the mindset for creativity, innovation, and boundless growth.
When we connect with something larger than ourselves, we enjoy the fruits of our labour as well as the journey — the sweat and the struggle. It's the unyielding commitment to a purpose that gives shapers their shimmer.

Focus on what fulfills you — so you can renew yourself and help rewrite our collective future.
If you want to see your work from a whole new perspective, SHAPERS will help you:

  • Find and sustain meaning
  • Energise yourself in work and life
  • Embrace the five new modes of leadership
  • Amplify your career and inspire others to do the same
  • Build fluid and engaged teams to work better together
  • Learn what underpins the most resilient organisations in the world


JONAS ALTMAN is a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur on a mission to make the world of work more human. He is the founder of design practice Social Fabric and his chronicles have appeared in The Guardian, Quartz, and The Sunday Times.


Introduction: A Watershed Moment xv

Part I Meaning and the Nature of Work 3

1. The Magic of Meaning 5

2. A Short History of Work 15

3. Employee Disengagement Epidemic 25

4. Inhumane Resources 33

5. The Drive to Work 45

6. Work-Life Blend 51

Part II Better Ways of Working 63

7. Bad Bosses 65

8. The Pursuit of Dopeness 71

9. Vital Ingredients 81

10. Fluid Teams Work 89

11. Managing Self-Management 99

12. Back to School Without the Bull 111

13. Tools to Help You Succeed 121

Part III Principle for the Futures of Work 141

14. Learning: Wonder at Work 143

15. Feeling: An Emotional Revolution 159

16. Leading: Modes of Showing Up 181

17. Becoming: Our Social Fabric 195

18. Futuring: The Long View 211

Conclusion: The Shapers Legacy 237

Notes 241

Glossary of Work Terms 293

Acknowledgements 295

About the Author 297

Index 299

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