by Older, Daniel José

Sierra Santiago is looking forward to a fun but uneventful summer in Brooklyn, but from the moment she sees a strange, pale man outside the window of her classroom, she is thrown into a world she thought existed only in stories, where spirits walk among the living and a group of people called Shadowshapers have the power to control them.

But Sierra learns that a fight between her grandfather and a powerful spirit named Lucera has caused the Shadowshapers and the spirits to scatter. Just as she's discovering the powerful magic that runs deep in her family's veins, Sierra must stop an outsider whose lust for power threatens the safety of everyone she knows and loves. With lyrical prose that evokes all five senses, SHADOWSHAPER is a fast-paced and compelling read that is alternately funny and frightening.

Daniel José Older has previously published a collection of ghost noir stories titled SALSA NOCTURNA, for which Publisher's Weekly called him one of "the rising stars of the genre," and SHADOWSHAPER is his YA debut.

Deutsch von Sophie Zeitz
[HC Carlsen 05/17]

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Finalist for the 2015 Andre Norton Nebula Award. The novel wa slikewise a finalist for the Kirkus Prize, Locus Prize, and the Cybils Award.

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Folm rights optioned to Anika Noni Rose and her production company, Roaring Virgin Productions.

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Turkish: Yabanci; Vietnam: Mintbooks;

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