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by Bedwell, Sarah Jane

With just 30 minutes of prep once a week, Sarah-Jane shows you how to easily achieve a whole week of healthy eating—from planning your meals to efficiently maneuvering your way through the grocery store to not cutting loose while eating out.

The secret ingredient for weight loss isn’t grapefruit or quinoa or protein bars…It’s planning!

Eating right and losing weight isn’t easy, particularly for busy women with demanding schedules. Sarah-Jane Bedwell, author of the “Eat Like Me” food and nutrition blog for SELF Magazine, is here to help. The key is one word: scheduling.

Schedule Me Skinny gives you an easy-to-use meal plan, grocery shopping lists, tons of quick references and tips, and delicious healthy recipes. Finally: a refreshing, straightforward approach that emphasizes moderation—not deprivation—and offers simple changes that are easy to implement and take into account the challenges of enjoying a full life.

Sarah-Jane Bedwell, RD, LDN is uniquely qualified to write Schedule Me Skinny. As a national speaker and media personality, Sarah-Jane has educated and entertained hundreds groups as well as made several TV appearances, including on NBC’s TODAY Show. Her goal is always to inspire her audiences to make healthy lifestyle changes through interactive, practical, and entertaining talks, cooking demonstrations, and media segments. Sarah-Jane has also established an excellent reputation in the field of food and nutrition journalism, where she even reaches a large audience each day. As the official "Eat Like Me" food and nutrition blogger for SELF Magazine, a leading national women's health and fitness magazine (, she has a valuable platform in which she can share the information that she is both knowledgeable and passionate about. In her blog (which gets between 35,000-70,000 hits per week), she posts daily and includes everything she eats (complete with pictures), real-world nutrition tips, and recipes.

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Sarah Jane Bedwell has got a nice/developing platform (i.e. Works for Self, goes on the Today Show regularly, but doesn't have celeb clients yet)

Quote: Works for Self

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