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Simple strategies to Outsmart Today's Ripoff Artists

by Abagnale, Frank

Frank Abagnale, whose life as a con man was depicted in the bestselling memoir and hit movie Catch Me If You Can, reveals the methods used by the world's most skillful con artists to steal billions each year from unsuspecting people, and teaches five simple rules that will help us protect our money.

Former con artist Frank Abagnale's new book is about the very latest tricks that today's scammers, hackers, and con artists use to steal your money and personal information, often online and over the phone. Using plain language and vivid examples, Abagnale reveals:
- The one type of photo you should never post on social media.
- The only conditions under which you should use WiFi networks at the airport.
- The best way to protect your phone from being hacked.
- The only time you should use an ATM.

Explaining his simple but counterintuitive rules to protect yourself, Abagnale also makes use of his insider intel to paint a picture of cybercrimes that haven't become widespread yet.

A former professional impostor and the author of the bestselling memoir Catch Me If You Can, as well as The Art of the Steal and Stealing Your Life, Frank Abagnale is one of the world's most respected authorities on the subjects of fraud, forgery, and cybersecurity. A world-renowned consultant for more than four decades, he lectures at the FBI's Academy and field offices and consults with major corporate clients such as AARP, Experian, Intuit, and LexisNexis.

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Frank Abagnale... on the subjects of fraud, forgery, and cyber security

Quote: The Jordan Harbinger Show

How Frank Abagnale Can Help You Avoid the Romance Scam and Other Cons

Quote: Worth

"For years, Frank Abagnale has been my first call in the event of any scam. His on-target, insightful advice has helped me and my audience protect itself. I'm so glad he's finally put this important information into a book we all can -- and should -- read."

Quote: Jean Chatzky, Host of the HerMoney Podcast, Today Show financial editor

"Well written and thought provoking! This great book offers practical, sound advice on how to avoid getting scammed in many areas of your life, from identity theft to IRS scams to bank account fraud. With so many scams prevalent in today's high technology world, everyone should read this book even those individuals who strongly believe they are not likely to ever be scammed."

Quote: Ernie J. Zelinski, author

"In spite of his unusual beginning--or more likely because of it--Frank Abagnale's abilities to teach us how to avoid fraud are second to none. He's been there, he's done that, so if you want to know how the criminals will come at you, and how to protect yourself from them, buy this book."

Quote: John Miller, Former Assistant Director for Public Affairs, FBI

Cybersecurity Tips From a Master of Deception Turned Consultant

Quote: Bloomberg Businessweek

"Scam Me If You Can is a timely, profoundly useful book about how to take action against identity theft scams. Only someone with Abagnale's unique background could precisely lay out a blueprint for recognizing and mitigating these insidious crimes, including both real life scenarios and hands-on solutions."

Quote: Brian L. Stafford, Director, United States Secret Service (ret)

Former 'Catch Me If You Can' con artist on outsmarting today's biggest scammers

Quote: Fox News

Chinese (compl.): PCUSER, a division of Cite Publishing ; Czech: Audiolibrix

Quote: Portfolio

Conversation with legendary ex-fraudster Frank Abagnale: How not to get scammed

Quote: Benefits Pro

...This is (Abnagale's) latest book aimed at the general public with three aims: explaining how scams work, how the scammers get you on the hook and what steps you can take to avoid getting scammed... It is an easy read... enganging style... tips on staying safe are transferrable...

Review: Financial Times

"A must-own for every American to arm themselves against the fastest growing crimes in our nation. Frank is a Jedi Master, and all of us in law enforcement are grateful students. Young or old, rich or not, whatever your background, Frank will empower you to protect yourself and your loved ones."

Quote: Sean D. Reyes, Attorney General of the State of Utah

"They say you can't con a con man. But what if you're not a con man? Frank Abagnale once was, and now he's on the other side, helping law enforcement and regular citizens spot the newest cons out there. Nobody can explain how to avoid the current epidemic of financial fraud as well Frank Abagnale. He is the ultimate authority. If you value your financial security, listen to this man."

Quote: William Bratton, former Police Commissioner, NYPD and LAPD

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