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by Wells, Rosemary

Another pitch-perfect story about an irrepressible, charming, and endearing two-year-old from the creator of Max & Ruby.

Can Sophie say the word "Hello"? No! She just can’t say it. Why?
Because "Hello" and "Thank you" and "Goodbye" get stuck in Sophie’s mouth and won’t come out. What can help Sophie say "Hello"?
As always, Granny has the answer to one of the universal problems of toddlerhood!

Rosemary Wells is the author of more than one hundred books for children, including the Max and Ruby books about the beloved bunnies who star in their own show on Nick Jr. She lives in New England.

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The Best New Children’s Books Meghan Cox Gurdon reviews four books that celebrate heroes who don’t quite fit in.

Review: The Wall Street Journal

This is Wells' work at her best—insightful, witty, and beautifully drawn. Once again, she adeptly addresses a childhood concern with great respect and humor.

Review: Kirkus, starred review

Popular picture book author Rosemary Wells addresses childhood shyness with humor, understanding in new book 'Say Hello, Sophie!'

Quote: Deseret News

It’s a situation virtually any parent can identify with: Sophie the mouse won’t say “hello” or “thank you” in social situations where the words are called for. As in Sophie’s previous outings (Use Your Words, Sophie!, among others), Wells shows an uncanny understanding of what Sophie is thinking and feeling (“It was just too embarrassing for Sophie to say those grown-up words”). And once again it’s Granny who swoops in with a sly approach: a conveniently timed “toothache” forces Sophie to take the lead at Zeke’s Palace of Ice Cream. It’s another spot-on portrait of family life, with some very real solutions for frustrated parents and bashful kids. Up to age 3.

Review: Publishers Weekly, starred review

Once again, Wells expertly captures a common early childhood experience. The warm, colorful art and expressive faces of the characters will draw in readers.

Review: School Library Journal

Both adults and children familiar with this common impediment to making polite conversation will find comfort here, as well as some valuable insight and advice.

Review: Horn Book

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