by Kline, MichaelPress, Judy

With the School Invention Fair coming up, Sam is determined to invent the best invention. First, he builds a robot that’ll clean the toilet (but it refuses). He tries a fart fan (but that just creates a mess at lunch). Will Sam come to the fair empty-handed, or will he create something great and win a prize?

J. Press is an art educator who spends her time writing, teaching, and doodling.

Mike Kline has been creating "infotoons," kid-friendly diagrams, and his own brand of comics for Kids Discover magazine for over 13 years. His humorous style of illustration can also be found in more than 25 children's activity books produced by WilliamsonBooks. He lives in Wichita, Kansas, with his family and cats Braack and Baxter, for whom he lives to hold the door open.

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